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  • Sunset_pastel_Andre_rios_Workshop

    26 juni - Summer sunset in Pastel

    Woensdag 26 juni van 10.00 tot 12.30 uur ofWoensdag 26 juni van 13.30 tot 16.00 uur  Immerse yourself in the enchanting ambiance of a Summer Sunset, where the Sun has reached it's final stage and delivers us it's final act with majestic and powerful colors piercing the coming night skies. If you've been yearning to capture the essence of warm evenings, vibrant skies, and the magic of dusk in your artwork, this workshop is made for you! ​Join us as we explore pastel techniques, utilizing a radiant palette to evoke the mesmerizing beauty of a summer sunset. The Summer Sunset workshop welcomes artists of all levels, providing a nurturing environment for exploration and artistic growth. Throughout the workshop, I will serve as your dedicated mentor, offering guidance, techniques, and inspiration to help you translate the allure of a summer sunset onto your paper. From mastering color blending to capturing the fleeting light, this workshop will empower you to create captivating pastel masterpieces that radiate with warmth and emotion. By the workshop's conclusion, you'll depart with newfound confidence in your ability to capture the ephemeral beauty of a summer sunset and infuse your artwork with a sense of wonder. Embark on an artistic journey like no other with the Summer Sunset Workshop, where the magic of twilight awaits your creative touch.   P.s.: Check s.v.p. voor aanschaf onze voorwaarden om teleurstelling bij annulering te voorkomen. LET OP:Deze workshop wordt in het Engels gegeven. Het is inclusief: gebruik alle materialen, koffie/thee met iets lekkers. De workshop wordt gegeven in het Experience Centre te Apeldoorn. Na afloop ga je niet alleen met je gemaakte werk maar ook met een goodiebag naar huis. Niveau: Geen ervaring nodig!  Docent: André Rios Over André: Art has always been my passion and I although I studied in various art and design courses I consider myself self-taught. Throughout my art career I developed the interest for the realist aesthetic and currently I create original pastel drawings from wildlife and still-life to portraiture. My love for pastels also led me to teach my pastel techniques in workshops all over the Netherlands and give pastel courses/lessons online or at my studio. In my lessons I'm committed to make upcoming artists to discover their own passion for the pastel medium and provide them with the tools to express their own vision and unlock the secrets of realistic drawing.  




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